Ceide Fields: Bringing Bones to Life

by zmorgan


They sit precariously around the tips of Mayo’s ankles which disappear into the Atlantic ocean below. These white bones jut out defiantly out of the surrounding bog and catch my eye as we before we arrive at the Ceide Fields Visitor Center. I wouldn’t know them from the rocks in my Uncle’s farm in Ireland, or exhibitions in Natural History Museums. But these rocks are not limited to the geologically inclined among us. They have become a masterful artistic mouthpiece which still speaks of human life working in harmony with the elements.

A Landscape Fossilised, Its Stone Wall Patternings Repeated Before Our Eyes In The Stone Walls Of Mayo – Seamus Heaney


These white relics tell the story of a neolithic people struggling against a changing environment which rebukes their community and day to day life. These are no underdeveloped cavemen who built these structures, but a community with highly developed spiritual beliefs and culture. I was particularly taken with how the rocks knelt into the wrinkles of the face of the landscape, they followed her curves and natural gradient instead of working against it.

Its easy to understand why Irish writers, including Heaney, find this place captivating and a pertinent art commentary on the struggles Ireland and global humanity face.